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Hello!  I just joined and wanted to fling an introduction onto the forum.

I come from a musical family, play piano and sing (mezzo soprano range).  I wanted to learn guitar but my glass wrist would not manage the neck. 

I played a soprano ukulele for a few years and when the poor thing cracked, I went to a used music store and found a cheap baritone ukulele.  It appears to have been handmade somewhere in Central America, and it's a precious thing to me now.  I had no idea when I first picked it up that the baritone is basically the bottom 4 strings of a guitar! 

The band that I'm in, which is run by a friend of mine, is on hiatus while my friend's house gets major repairs.  But I still play my baritone a bit and sing to myself and my lovebird.  :)  We mostly play middle eastern music, usually Turkish or Egyptian.   

Oh, and I like to garden. 

Ok, nice to meet you all! 

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Hello! :]

I really want a great quality ukulele but I'm slightly overwhelmed by all these brands that I'm hearing.

I'll like recommendations, opinions, reviews, links, videos of you?  etc.

Budget will be around $200-$400 (more or less).
I've played a Lanikai & Kala concert.
Both are nice but I think I want something larger AND louder.
A loud/bright sound, you know?

This Kala that I'm borrowing is pretty sweet and I'm trying not to get attached. Now that I have to babysit.. I'll be able to save up for one for me :D!!

So yeah, TENOR? I like gcea tuning ..

I was thinking maybe this mainland uke?


my name is heather and i've been playing my darling baby uke for almost a year now. i have videos up on youtube of me playing and singing, i would love it if you would go watch!
ukuleles are the best, and the people who play them are the best. :]
there's my youtube channel, tell me what you think! :]


hey ya'll

so i'm new to this community as well but very excited to join
i've had a gold tone banjolele now for about a year and it's the best investment i've ever put money into
i have kinda a crappy video of my band playing in alaska
the sound guy kind fudged the bucket by making our slide guitar player way too loud so you can kinda hear my little pride and joy


okay so I just started playing the uke, I got it (a fluke) this past christmas so I've been playing for maybe 8 months? I've never played an instrument before, except I would sing and stuff.

Anyway me and my friend helen who lives far away make music by recording stuff to our computers, and then we send it to the other person and record something over it, and back and forth like that.

that is us. I would really appreciate if you listened and told me what you think!