Kellyboo (kellykubellyboo) wrote in put_up_yer_ukes,

Hello, I need some help

Do you have any good resources online that you have found to help you learn how to play the Uke? I have always had love in my heart for all stringed instruments and nothing would please me more than to be able to conquer my impatience and fear of failure, to persevere and master just one instrument. I have a Purple Fluke and it's beautiful and lovely and it should be making music. I am at the moment trapped in a very small town with very limited resources so I will not be able to take lessons more than likely. I do have the summer off however and I am determined to do something with this time.
Any ideas and help would be great, we are currently looking for new jobs and a relocation and as soon as I get to a city with more than just a Safeway, I will look for lessons but until then I want to at least feel like I am moving in the right direction.

Tips? Tricks? Websites?

Thanks guys!
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